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Illinois Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Business owners have a lot on their plates. We understand the struggles each business owner faces, whether you’re barely starting up or whether you’re established, the struggles never end. It only gets tougher when a legal issue is slapped onto your troubles. The quickest way to deal with a legal issue is to hire an attorney to take care of it for you. You might think you can’t afford an attorney, but we’re here to let you know that you can. The Illinois Commercial Litigation Attorneys at the Roth Law Group will work economically and efficiently within your budget to
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Chicago Contract Lawyer

Are you being sued over a contract? Have you signed a contract and haven’t gotten what you bargained for? Are your demands for payment going straight to voicemail? If you’re facing contract problems of any type, contact the Chicago Contract Attorneys at the Roth Law Group to do the talking for you. We’ll represent you in court and enforce your rights in any contract related disputes against companies throughout Cook County and Illinois. The Roth Law Group will make the decisions that will help your small business succeed. We know how small businesses operate and we know that litigation is
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Illinois Business Contract Attorneys

Owning a business is both rewarding and filled with headaches, especially when you deal with clients or vendors who do honor contract terms. Forming a business and partnering up with people is always a risk since you can never accurately predict how your partner may act or how whether your business will succeed. It’s unpredictable and things rarely go your way. Sometimes clients won’t pay on time. Other times you may find yourself at the end of a lawsuit over a business deal. It’s disheartening and you should be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. When a
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