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Cook County Contract Lawyer

Daily business of any company is highly dependent on contracts. Whether your business involves supplies, services, employee relationships, etc., using specific contractual terms often helps resolve business disputes. Because of this, it is crucial that all contracts your business uses fully protect your interests and goals. When a business transaction goes wrong and you are not getting what you agreed upon from a contract, we can do the talking for you. When your requests for payment have fallen on deaf ears or you are being sued over a contract, contact our law firm, Roth Law Group LLC, to represent you
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Severance Agreement Attorneys in Chicago

Letting go of workers is never a pleasant time. And sometimes firing a particular employee can be extremely hard and difficult to do. Terminating an employee can even result in a lawsuit. Perhaps an employee is stirring up a lot of trouble in the workplace or he or she is impossible to manage. Employers must have good reason for concern to fire an employee. When an employer is faced with a lawsuit, the judge or jury can support your decisions and dismiss the charges against you if you have a good reason for concern. A severance agreement is a contract
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