Chicago Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation is never a legal action any business wishes to be a part of, but is sometimes needed and occurs frequently. Whether the competition is infringing on your trademarks and copyrights, an organization you deal with breaches their contract, an employee breaches their fiduciary duty, or perhaps your business is getting sued for false advertising, business litigation is bound to happen as your business grows through the years. This is why it is vital for any business to have a skilled business litigation attorney by their side to aid and protect their business.

At Roth Law Group, our Chicago based law firm provides legal advice and services to businesses to aid their operations and avoid large legal risks. Our company specializes in the following litigation cases:

  • Officer and director breach of fiduciary duty
  • Disparagement and defamation
  • False Advertising
  • Unfair Business Practices and Competition
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Breach of contract

Our law firm has expert litigation attorneys who help businesses face litigation head on and work as a united front to prevent costly settlements. We also always work our best to ensure our clients get the compensation their business is entitled to. To achieve success for our clients, we typically try to settle business issues outside of the court room. However, we’ve got no problem taking your issues to court and aggressively protecting your rights. Our firm has extensive trial experience and have handled business litigation matters ranging from fraud to general business litigation. So regardless of your circumstances, you’ll be covered.

At Roth Law Group, we work diligently and efficiently within the means of our client’s budgets and achieve the desired results our clients aim for. Our clients’ needs are our greatest priority and taking the necessary steps to help your business succeed is our goal. Contact The Roth Law Group at 312-419-9599 to talk with our knowledgeable commercial litigation attorneys concerning your legal needs.