Chicago IL Business Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys at the Roth Law Group represent businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Illinois in business litigation involving breaches of contract, business torts, and other commercial transactions and relationships. If you are a business owner, it’ll be almost impossible to avoid business litigation completely. The quickest way to deal with a legal issue is to hire an attorney to take care of it for you.

The Illinois business litigation attorneys at the Roth Law Group will work economically and efficiently within your budget to achieve the results you want without overcharging. We work with our clients to come up with a solution. If it saves you time and money, we will want to facilitate a settlement. Most of the time, this means settling out of court.

If things get rough, our Chicago Business Litigation lawyers have no problem in taking things to court. In trial, our attorneys are aggressive in protecting your rights. We have had the trial expertise and experience necessary in handling all types of business related matters. From fraud and defamation to disparagement and general business litigation, we got you covered. Our skillsets in handling all types of business matters have built up through our years of experience, so we got you covered when things go wrong with business relations.

Big or small, the Illinois Business Litigation Attorneys at the Roth Law Group will look out for you and protect you and your business against any legal disputes. Pleasem contact us at 312-419-9599. We understand how anxiety-ridden your days can be thinking about litigation, so let us worry instead.