The Most Common Types of Business Litigation Cases in Chicago Illinois

Commercial litigations are never anything you want to be involved in at any point in time. However, if you are a business owner, it’ll be almost impossible to avoid commercial litigation completely. If your business, or one of your business clients is in need of litigation counsel, we have the skills and experience necessary to protect you and your business.

Breach of contract
Sometimes a contract can be inferred rather than expressed. To put it simply, when you enter into a legally binding contract, both parties must fulfill the terms of the contract.  When a breach of contract occurs, it means that one of the parties involved in the contractual agreement has fallen short on their end of obligations and responsibilities.

Officer and director breach of fiduciary duty
To transform your business into a corporation you will need to develop a fiduciary duties. The corporate officers and directors will be chosen and are trusted to follow through with the various tasks agreed upon when given the position. Some duties are: obedience, loyalty, care, good faith, and disclosure.

Unfair business practices and competition
Although, competition is natural part of business practices, sometimes competitors compete on unequal playing fields by having advantageous or disadvantageous factors on some competitors and not others.

Disparagement and defamation
This refers to when someone has published a false statement that is harmful to someone else’s business as well as its products and services. Usually the statement has been stated knowingly and has been detrimental to one’s business financially.

False advertising
Manufacturer misleading, confusing, or lying to consumers to rake in financial benefit and profits.

If at any time you need legal assistance for your business, it is important to have experienced representation from an attorney who can guide you through the issues and work toward a result that will protect your legal rights.

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