Contract Law Attorney Cook County

Everyday, businesses use contracts to conduct various transactions, and ensure their company’s interests and goals are held accountable. However, oftentimes contracts and business transactions go wrong and legal support is needed to rectify the situation. If you are being sued over a contract breach, signed a contract and received less than what was expected, or you are not receiving payment for a service given to another entity, you are in need of our firm, Roth Law Group.

Our Chicago-based law firm can help you do the talking for you to enforce and protect your rights in any contract related dispute. We represent clients throughout Cook County and Illinois that have had business transactions go wrong and will counsel your business decision to ensure your business has a prosperous future. We help our clients with attempting to resolve contract related matters outside of the courtroom with a contract dispute settlement (a quicker and more economical solution). However, if there is no intention of settling the dispute, we will of course pursue litigation and aggressively fight to protect your rights in whatever contractual issues you may find your business in. We always work with you to figure out the best action to take for your business and how to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our law firm takes care of everything for our clients from settling payment deadlines to filing lawsuits. Our contract law practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Failure to deliver goods/services
  • Contract Violations
  • Failure to pay for goods/services
  • Other contractual issues

Whether you live in Chicago or outside of the state, our contract law attorneys can represent any business that reside in the state or engages in business in Chicago. Let the attorneys at Roth Law Group help you protect your business and personal interests. Call us today at 312-419-9599 for a free consultation.