Cook County Trademark Lawyer

Coca-Cola. McDonalds. Apple. Google. You can visualize all of these, right? There are reasons why these companies are so easy to identify. Their product name or logo have been mass marketed to the public so many times that many of have these brand images permanently seared into our minds. Google is now even considered a verb in the Oxford English dictionary as well as the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary. These symbols and logos are some solid examples of how important names can be in the realm of business. Most names listed above are all trademarked to protect them from others who want to copy the name and use it to their benefit.

If you don’t properly register your business or product name, there can be detrimental consequences to your business. You are vulnerable to anyone who decides to take the name that you’ve come up with and recycle it to generate profit for themselves. At Roth Law Group , we want to help you with selecting the ideal trademark for your business while making sure it is completely available for you to trademark. But that’s not all, we want to continue helping you with the process to attain the trademark and monitor trademark leeches. We want to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of by others using your trademark to market their business.

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